In the Netherlands previously, a law was in force that completely prohibited all drugs, and it was illegal to possess, sell and buy them. However, the government was in charge of designing a new policy on drugs in this country, allowing Cannabis smoking to be a permitted condition. Although it is not legal that people are selling Cannabis and others wanting to buy synthetic cannabis (acheter cannabis de synthese), the Coffee shops are.

These incredible places are authorized to sell only soft drugs and limited quantities (no more than 5 g). Royal Queen Seeds can be purchased at Coffee shops or major suppliers’ online stores.
Dutch coffee shops
These are establishments governed by very strict laws and control the number of white drugs that can be bought. Coffee shops cannot be advertising drugs in the Netherlands, and it is forbidden for minors under 18 to enter these establishments. Amsterdam is a city well known for having more than 200 coffee shops that allow you to buy synthetic cannabis (acheter cannabis de synthese) and many other products.
Although these establishments are only allowed to sell 5 grams of Cannabis to all customers, all drugs are illegal. The authorities only allow the sale of Cannabis and a wide variety of seeds in small quantities so that only then is the trade tolerated. All people who want to start consuming Cannabis in this country must be very well informed.
What does a dutch orange shop offer?
Like many in the Netherlands, this store offers total confidence in all customers’ products. The quality of all the products that these stores offer has built an excellent reputation throughout the country for decades. Each of the different mixtures prepared is from a selection of the best ingredients.
The selected ingredients produce the desired effects on all customers in all parts of the world. Experts and professionals previously test the products offered by these stores in Cannabis.